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  • Van bench seat – Part 1 of X


    Next up is building the bench seat. I’m not exactly sure of the exact measurements that I want, and I’m not exactly sure of the design, so I just decided to go ahead and build version 1 from some cheapo plywood and see how things feel before I build out the nice out of nice […]

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  • Getting the van a little lower


    The Promaster 3500 comes with some super heavy duty springs rated for 5000lb payload and the ride stinks and the van is pretty raked out from the factory. It’s a 15 minute job to remove the secondary helper leaf spring, which both lowers it 2″ as well as softens the spring. Not sure what the […]

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  • I bought a VAN!


    Going to make a long discussion pretty short and just say “holy crap I bought a camper van!”. I’ve been wanting to this for a while and a lot of research, internet surfing, and noodling has led me to a 2014 RAM Promaster 159″ wheelbase extended with the 4 banger turbo diesel. I bought the […]

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  • Colorado Trail Race Part 2 of 3

    Cataract Lakes

    I started out my 3rd day by climbing up a gravel road to Stony Pass and getting back on singletrack. This section of the trail is shared with the Continental Divide trail and we spend around 30 miles above treeline and are pretty exposed the whole time. I don’t have the right words to describe […]