A great article about racing, what it feels like, and what it costs.

I race in ITA. Improved Touring A. I also race at the “pointy” end of the field which means “winning”, so the budget ain’t quite as cheap as they say and the racing is not “as” grassroots as noobies in old pos cars. Some of the IT cars would make some Koni challenge cars look bad, and some of the drivers are MUCH MUCH better then Koni challenge drivers, but they came to the realization which this article tries to portray, that racing on TV is so cost prohibitive that is better to do it in your part of the country, with other drivers that are just as good as the guys on TV, but just don’t want to spend their entire life and all of their money doing it.


For IT Racing
“Let’s put that in perspective: racing an old VW Golf or Honda Civic once a month costs as much as buying a Nissan GT-R or Porsche Cayman S on a five-year loan.”

For Koni Challenge
“Think about it. At this level, it costs just as much to race a Honda Civic or Volkswagen GTI for a year as it does to own a Lamborghini Gallardo.”

And what “Racing” is
“And once you’ve won a race, the fever to do it again will never truly leave you. Once you’ve put your foot on someone else’s neck — once you’ve looked out of your window net and simply destroyed another man’s confidence on the entry to a critical corner — you will want to do it again and again until it either kills you or ruins your life.”

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