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  • Colorado Trail Race Part 2 of 3

    Cataract Lakes

    I started out my 3rd day by climbing up a gravel road to Stony Pass and getting back on singletrack. This section of the trail is shared with the Continental Divide trail and we spend around 30 miles above treeline and are pretty exposed the whole time. I don’t have the right words to describe […]

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  • 2015 Huracan 300 Race Report


    As we are moving to Denver in May/June of this year, I had some plans to “blow out” some of the big SE races this spring, since this would be my last chance at them. This included the 12 hours of Santos, the Huracan 300, PMBAR, and the Pisgah 111k/55k in May. The 12 hours of Santos […]

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  • Holy Pisgah!


    This past weekend, Joe and I headed up to Brevard, NC for a “dudes weekend” of riding mountain bikes and drinking beer. The weather was pretty incredible and combined with the leaf season and the riding, I can actually describe it as “epic”. On Saturday we did Long Branch, Butter Gap, Farlow, Daniel, Cove Creek […]

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  • Warrior Creek 6hr race report

    Last weekend I headed up to NC to Warrior Creek campground for the Warrior Creek 6 hour race. I had a few friends doing the race, and heard the race as well as the trails were top notch and I wasn’t disappointed. Cathy and I headed up on Thursday night to Charlotte NC, and on […]