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  • Blogging is so 2012?


    Wow, I was just thinking of “where do I post up my newest bike racing report” and I realized, “hey, I still have tomhoppe.com that I forgot about”. I guess I haven’t updated this in a few years. Between FB, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and also posting a few race reports and biking articles to Bike198.com, this […]

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  • Long time!


    Holy hell, LONG time no see! I’ve had crazy, awesome, things happen in my life over the past 1.5 years, and as much as I always said “hey, I’ll post this on the blog”, I end up just putting it up on twitter/fb and never making it to here. Guess I’ve gotten really good at […]

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  • Finally pics of the new car!


    As some (most) of you guys know, I bought an S2000 a few weeks ago. Between the dog and the mountain bikes, I’ve been driving the truck a LOT, so it made no sense to have a Mazda3 as a “weekend car”. I wanted a coupe, rather then a convertible, but after driving an S2000, […]

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  • 4th of July fireworks

    The parents were in town for the holiday weekend, and we decided to shoot off some of our own fireworks instead of going to one of the shows. Only 1 neighbor complained, so I feel that it was a success 🙂 Got a couple of good shots, one of which I really like. I need […]

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  • Updates on stuff

    It’s been a fun and relaxing couple of weeks. Its been kind of nice. Not to say that work and my normal weekday has not been super hectic, but just been a bit more relaxing and fun during my time off and weekends, including a great weekend that is finishing up. I’m still riding the […]