• Cross Platform Mobile Web Development

    Woah, long time no post! I guess I’ve gotten out of taking pictures recently, with mountain biking/training taking up most of my free time. Between that, twitter, and doing less actual development at work, I haven’t had much to post. Recently though, I’ve been working on “mobilizing” a website, and man is it more of […]

  • Javascript
  • Goo.gl URL shortener bookmarklet

    I know there are already a bunch of tools for doing this same thing, but I’m a big google fanboi. The nice thing about goo.gl is they have an API which makes accessing the shortener easy. Matthew Flashen already wrote some JS for a bookmarklet for this. You just save that into your bookmarks, I […]

  • CSS
  • Easy jQuery fading color menu

    I’m creating a site for a client and wanted to jazz up the main menu slightly. Right now its just a plain text text that rolls over with a new color. It would be cooler, and just as accessible, if I made that css color fade in and out instead of just “appear”. The HTML, […]